When it comes to the most suitable paint colors for a modern kitchen white, gray, yellow, green, blue and red all really shine. Each of these colors will do something different for the kitchen, but each shade will help create an inviting and warm space for family and friends to gather to enjoy a cup of tea or a meal.

White and gray are among the most common color choices, as white can really brighten up and energize the kitchen while gray pairs charmingly with a wide variety of colors. Both white and gray also offer greater latitude when choosing a color for the countertop, backsplash and flooring, as almost anything will go with either color. Additionally, white makes a kitchen feel clean and fresh and really helps to wake people up the minute they walk in. White and gray are also fabulous colors when used together to offset each other, applying one to the walls and the other to the ceiling and trim.

Yellow and red are fantastic choices for the kitchen as yellow will brighten up the room like a proverbial ray of sunshine and red is incredibly versatile, having several shades that can really make a kitchen pop. Yellow exudes a soothing quality, making people feel happy and calm, and there is supporting data that the color yellow can make people hungry. Yellow is also a great option for smaller kitchens, as it tends to make the room feel bigger and goes well with white or gray accents. When used on trim and accents, red can make a kitchen appear more open.

Blue and greens are also wonderful colors that both work great in kitchens. When lighter shades of blue are chosen for walls it can create a very clean and crisp look and lighter shades of blue are good choices for kitchen cabinets as well. Darker shades of blue also work well, but it is important to use neutral tones for accent colors to keep the blue from overwhelming the room and making it feel closed in. Green is a very smart color for the kitchen, as there are many light shades, like mint and apple green, which work nicely with either white or natural-wood accents. Darker shades, like emerald green, can add a real jolt of vitality to the kitchen when applied to an accent wall, on an island, cabinets or the ceiling or floor.

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