When homeowners are considering painting their homes, they can choose from a number of different painting styles. There are many painting styles that homeowners can choose from, and they should find the style that is the best match for their personal style. Homeowners are not bound by the traditional home painting styles they see around them. There are ways to make their home much more unique than any other home in the area.

Far East

Many people see the Far East style of painting in Asian restaurants, but bringing this style of painting to the house can transform in the interior and exterior of the house. Murals can be painted on the walls inside the house, and the exterior of the house can become a unique color that no one else in the area has on their home.


African artwork at the home can bring a tribal feeling to the house with minimal effort. The family that likes to collect African artifacts can add an African painting style to their home. The home can feature a number of different artifacts that can be accompanied by lovely paint colors from the African continent.


When families want to have a home that feels more modern, they can use a contemporary style inside and outside the house. The interior of the house can be painted in a contemporary style with contemporary colors, but the outside of the home can be completely unique with a modern color. These colors are often inspired by the art deco homes of Florida in the 1940s and the paintings of eminent artists like Jackson Pollack.

Landscape Painting

Landscapes make for great murals on walls, and families can have a different landscape in every room. A landscape may also be painted on the exterior of the home to create a different feeling than the area provides. Families may have an outdoor landscape painted on the back of their home where the patio is, or they can have one of these landscapes painted on the front of the house to match the garden.

When a family wants to make a change at their home, they can invest in a number of different painting styles. These styles can vary greatly, and the family can choose something that matches their style. They can have the brightest house in the area, or they can have a home that features a number of lovely murals.

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