Homeowners that have never painted their home before may be worried about the outcome of their painting project. The painting project is one that must be taken on with great care. There are ways to make the painting easier, and reading through the information on this website will help.

Fix Things First

There are carpentry items that must be taken care of before the painting begins. Most people who want to paint their home do not realize all the carpentry repairs that must be done. This means that most people will discover a number of repairs that have plagued their home for years. The consequence of these repairs is a home that is in good working order. It is best to have a carpenter do the repairs if the homeowner feels uncomfortable.


Priming the wood on the side of the house is often most important than painting the house itself. When the house is primed properly, it will take on color much more easily. The primer needs to be put on so thick that the house is white when the priming is done. The priming coat needs to be even, and it needs to be allowed to dry for at least a day before the homeowner continues to paint.

The Painting

The homeowner needs to make sure that they have more than enough paint to get their home ready. The paint is going to go on thin, and it will take many coats before the house is the right color. Most people that want to paint their home need to be patient because this can take several days to complete. Doing one side of the house at a time often makes the painting easier, and it is simple to check the house to see if the paint is sticking to the siding.

The Top Coat

Many people use a top coat to help seal the paint on the wood. This is a good way to finish off the project once the painting is complete. The painting itself should take several days, but the top coat can go on quickly. The homeowners need to make sure they get the top coat on everything before they stop the job.

Painting the house is simple, but homeowners need to save their money and time by following the steps above. Each new step will help the homeowner paint their home just the right color.

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