When this website was created, the goal was to create a place where homeowners could learn all that they need to know about painting their house and making a change. People often consider painting their house, but they are scared off by the immense nature of the job. The information provided here is something that will help people change the way people think about house painting.

Our founder is a professional painter with over 15 years experience painting both residential and commercial properties. He is a family man with a wife and three children, a girl and twin boys. His hobbies are reading, mountain biking and brewing beer at home on the weekends with friends. Many of his brews have been entered into local competitions and won! Some day you may see “Painter’s Brew” in a store near you. Our founder knows the importance of providing a proper home for a family, and his aim is to teach others some of the tricks of the trade so they can knowledgeably perform painting projects around their home.

Here you will lean the proper techniques of preparing your home or commercial property for painting, what to look for when making small repairs before painting, what types of licenses and certifications to look for in a professional painter, and what the best types of paint are for your particular project.

On our website will show you how to paint over wallpaper, how to apply both decorative and faux finishes, how to achieve professional looking results when painting the interior of your home, and how to rejuvenate the outside of your home with a new application of paint. You will learn painting techniques such as staining a wood deck, and also how to fix painting problems such as cracking or flaking paint, paint blistering, how to avoid ‘stipple’ or paint roller marks, and paint wrinkling.

We will also provide a forum where painting professionals can answer your questions directly. Professional painters and contractors can help you with a myriad of questions such as the best types of paint to use for a particular job, or how to properly caulk windows and bathroom elements.

Hiring a professional is not always possible, and that’s where we come in. We will help guide you through the process of painting, and you will discover that while it does take time the process is not that difficult. With a bit of time and help from us, your home will look like a professional painted it.